It’s all about the kids

Like everything we do, The Fathering Project In Schools is about giving kids the best fathers and father-figures they can have.

We work across two key areas with staff and fathers, supporting them to build a community of positively engaged families – for the benefit of the kids.

Dads Groups

By dads, for dads – to engage, belong and learn

Since 2014, we’ve been working with schools supporting the establishment and maintenance of Dads Groups.

We provide an environment where fathers and father-figures feel welcome to gather, share, learn and bond with each other and with their kids.

Dads Groups can help build your school community, and benefit kids, fathers and families.

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Family Partnerships

Research-based tools to build stronger school communities

We work with school staff to support the improvement of their family partnerships, with a focus on engaging fathers.

Participating schools gain access to our online In Schools Portal, which houses our planning tool and a library of evidence-based resources.

Our Family Partnerships planning tools and resources can support the strengthening of your school community.
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