Partner with Us

As an emerging non-for-profit organisation, a lot of what we can achieve relies on the generous support of the Australian community whether they be individuals, large corporate companies or small businesses. Your partnership with us will go a long way to helping us with our mission delivery.

There are many ways your organisation can get involved:

  • Buy a page on this website to promote your company
  • Host a fundraiser at your organisation or club
  • Related marketing opportunities where a percentage of your sales are donated to us
  • Awareness raising activities in your organisation
  • Event sponsorship and partnerships
  • Sponsor an activity for our dads and kids program
  • PR, promotion and marketing support
  • Promoting The Fathering Project on your website, internal communications and intranet
  • Hosting a lunch workshop and inviting us to speak at your next event
  • Choose us as your organisation’s preferred charity by encouraging workplace giving from your employees
  • Form a Dads Group in support of young fathers and father figures in your workplace to be the best dad they can be

What will your partnership support?

Your partnership will support our three tiers of work:

  • Dads Group Program
  • Research Program
  • Online and Digital Initiative

We are hoping, with your generous support, we can expand our initiative over east with priorities being New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland.

How are we expanding?

Schools Program

Our Schools Program has been running for the past two years. We are getting more and more interest from principals of schools, inviting The Fathering Project to present to the community of dads in their schools. We are also receiving a lot of interest from dads who are wanting to start their own Dads Group. These are amazing achievements for us, but there is so much we need to do to prepare for presentations to the schools and the dads.

We are now expanding our Schools Program’s initiatives to cover six regional areas. We need your support for:

  • Expansion to regional WA
  • Development of resources
  • Training of regional coordinators and presenters

Research Program

We will continue to further establish and expand our research capabilities to ensure academically sound information is provided to our audience. Your support will contribute to:

  • Supporting research projects conducted through The University of Western Australia
  • Developing content to support our Schools Program and The Fathering Project Preventing Kids Harm (PKH) initiatives
  • Program development and evaluation

Online and Social Media Initiative

The Fathering Project sees the benefit of maximising our presence online and we need to further enhance our social media and website strategy to spread the message across Australia and the world.

However large or small our partnership may be, we would like to work with you to fulfill our vision of ensuring every child in Australia has an effective father or father figure in their life. Please email our CEO, Wayne Bradshaw on with your interest in supporting The Fathering Project.