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Volunteers are extremely important to The Fathering Project, we need people like you to help make a difference in the fathering communities where you live by supporting dads and father figures with children in early learning, primary and secondary school stages. It’s your opportunity to have a positive impact on the wellbeing of children, and the wider community.

The benefits of volunteering with The Fathering Project

Build your local community

Keep mentally engaged

Help fathers become more engaged and effective

Sharing your stories to help other fathers

Meet fathers from all walks of life

Helping fathers in building connections

Improve your life satisfaction and wellbeing

Giving back to your community


What type of volunteer are you?


Types of volunteer roles available: 

PresenterPresenters facilitate and deliver great content, to inspire dads and father figures.
Dads Group LeaderDads group leaders connect with other dads and plan simple activities for the members of a dads group, and their children.

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