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Father and Child's Hands Together

Please help a family this Father’s Day.

Once a happy and close-knit family, Christina, Lily, and Alex were abruptly thrust into a world of turmoil and uncertainty when their father, George, fell victim to financial stress due to short term loans and mounting interest.  Depression and anger were now a large part of his character. The effects of his actions would leave an indelible mark on the tender hearts and innocent minds of these beloved children.

Christina, at the impressionable age of 12, was the eldest and the most observant of the three siblings. She couldn’t understand why her once dependable father seemed to suddenly change. When George started borrowing money, Christina noticed the creeping distance between her parents and the secrecy that enveloped their household. She felt torn between her parents, angry at her father, and heartbroken for her mother, whom she saw suffer silently.

Lily, just 10 years old, was still at the stage of wanting to believe that her parents were invincible. As the situation escalated, she clung to the hope that everything would go back to the way it was before. However, as the debt collector knocked on their door reality struck her hard. Lily felt abandoned and questioned why her daddy couldn’t be strong enough to fix things. She often cried herself to sleep, longing for her family to be whole again.

The youngest, Alex, was 8 years old and had special needs that required extra care and attention. The sudden upheaval in his life made him feel overwhelmed and anxious. As he witnessed his parents’ emotional outbursts, he struggled to cope with his own emotions. Alex didn’t understand the complexities of the situation, but he could sense the tension and sadness around him, which made him retreat into himself.

All three children were distraught and faced emotional chaos on multiple fronts. With their mother gone, they acted out their anger and hurt on each other and even their schoolmates. They felt betrayed and deeply hurt by their father’s actions, which seemed to have shattered their once stable and loving home. Their once carefree childhood was replaced with anxiety, sadness, and the burden of grown-up worries.

Though their young minds couldn’t comprehend the depths of their father’s struggles, they couldn’t help but blame themselves for his behaviour. They wondered if they had done something wrong if they were the reason for their family’s fracture. The confusion and pain they experienced made them withdraw emotionally, each coping in their own way.

After a particularly bad weekend of tension and anger, George, their father, reached out to The Fathering Project– Community Fathering Hub for help. Here George was provided wrap around support and services. Through counselling and support, George was able to find ways to manage his own emotions and understood how he needed to support his children. The two eldest children realised that their father was struggling but loved them. They slowly began to understand that their dad’s actions were not their fault.

The Fathering Projects Community Fathering Hub has been pivotal in their healing process. George’s dedication to change, coupled with the resources and support he received from the Hub, brought hope to the children’s hearts. Their wounds have slowly started to heal, and they now have glimmers of their old selves and their family life resurfacing.

Christina, with her maturity, has been able to forgive her father’s shortcomings while staying protective of her younger siblings. Lily has gradually opened up about her feelings, knowing that it’s okay to express herself and seek comfort without copying the angry behaviour she witnessed. Alex, though struggling to articulate his emotions, feels the love and attention of his father, which is helping him feel more secure.


While the scars of the past remained, the children’s resilience is beginning to shine through. They know that life will never be the same, but they’ve learned that family is about love, forgiveness, and growing stronger together. Thanks to the generosity of donors like you, these children, their mother and father have developed new skills and found strength in each other, despite the challenges faced. Together they are building a better future.

With your generous support, families like Christina’s can get the support, advice, and resources they need to heal and come back stronger.


donation can help fuel and transport fares for the family


donation can help provide a few days of food for the family


donation can pay towards the rent for a family


donation will support a local school connect with fathering resources

How you can help

Help improve the lives of children today and for generations to come by inspiring and equipping fathers and father figures to engage positively with their kids.

With your generous support, fathers and father figures can have the support they need to engage with their children and help them thrive.

We believe the true impact of having confident and engaged parents is felt not just at home but across communities and society as a whole. 

Your donation is  transforming  the lives of children, fathers and families and  providing children happier and healthier futures. 

On behalf of all of the children and dads helped every day, a very big thank you for your support! 

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