The Attadale Primary School Fathering Project Schools’ Group, “AttaDads”, commenced in October 2015.

We aim to provide opportunities for fathers & father figures to organise great activities for dads and their kids but also dads only events where fathers & father figures can socialise, network support, learn and share experiences with each other.

We have an organising committee with 15 members and is led by Michael Carmody. The “AttaDads” have conducted the following successful events.

  1. “AttaDads” Kids’ and Dads’ campout – an annual event held on the school, oval which involves sleeping in tents. In 2015 we arranged a bonfire for the campout.
  2. Dads’ Lawn Bowls Evening – In December 2015 we have our annual Dads’ Lawn Bowling extravaganza planned to help celebrate the launch of the group and the start of the Festive season.

For more information on how to join the group or future activities please contact Ross Richardson.

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