Dad-proof tip: Support your child’s emotional wellbeing

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A child’s social and emotional wellbeing is a vital part of their overall health, development and wellbeing. As fathers you play an important role in helping your children develop their social and emotional skills and understandings. You can teach and model the kinds of skills, attitudes, and behaviours your children need to master, plus you can be important support for the social and emotional learning that happens at school.

General tips for supporting your kids’ mental wellbeing

  • Schedule emotional check-ins. During times of change and stress it is a good idea to check-in with your kids and see how they are coping each day. You could try having days of the week on the fridge and getting the kids to draw an emoji for how they are feeling. This is good way to monitor them over time.
  • Help them explore and express emotions – Read stories or watch videos or TV shows and discuss the characters emotions. Talk about how what they might be feeling and how they respond to these emotions.
  • Practise gratitude – Take time to chat with your kids each day, or before bed and encourage them to reflect on what they’re grateful for or what went well today. Doing this regularly has been proven in research to increase happiness and foster both physical and mental health. So makes sure you do it too.
  • Make sure kids get ample sleep – Don’t let being at home disrupt their sleep patterns. Primary school kids need 10-12 hours per day. Try to keep clear and consistent routines including no screen time one hour before bed, a ‘wind-down’ routine before bed, such as quiet reading or story time before lights out.

 If your children are struggling, they can call Kids Helpline on 1800 551 800 or Youth Beyond Blue on 1300 224 636

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