Podcast: Dr Mark Cross and Jon Coll on fathering, co-parenting and raising boys

In this Fathering First podcast we sit down with 2021 Community Father of the Year Award Winner, Dr. Mark Cross, and his husband and partner of 20 years, Jon Coll.
We talk all things fathering, what it’s like to co-parent with their two boy’s mothers, raising boys and looking towards the future.
A really great discussion and insight into Mark and Jon’s fatherhood journey, raising their two boys together with their son’s mothers, who just live down the road!

Good fathers and father figures come in all shapes and sizes and from lots of different backgrounds, so it doesn’t matter who you are, or what you are, loving parents have far more similarities than not.” – Dr. Mark Cross

About our Guests 

Dr Mark Cross is a Consultant Psychiatrist with a passion for de-stigmatising mental illness and improving lives. He has worked as a medical consultant on a number of TV specials and coordinates a Podcast series and Facebook community page called The Anxious Shrink, which provides support and advice on living with anxiety. We encourage you to check out his website too.

Mark was the first openly gay recipient of the Community Father of the Year Award and is also a Board Member for SANE.

In his own words, Jon is a Scotman living the good life in Australia. He’s a former performer who is now working in the fitness industry.

Do you know a great father or father figure? Nominate them for 2022 Community Father of the Year Award. Nominate today.

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