Happy New Year message from Dr Bruce Robinson to all fathers and families

Dr Bruce Robinson - Christmas Message

Bruce reflects on the year and shares some tips on goal setting for 2021 

Bruce reflects on the year, the challenges, the work at The Fathering Channel and how much he has loved talking to a bunch of blokes weekly on Bruce Mondays – plus shares some tips on goal setting for 2021! 

New Year is often the time we spend setting goals for the year ahead, so Bruce is asking all dads to think about one New Year’s resolution you can do that will make a difference to your relationship with your child. For example, Dad Dates are one of the most valuable activities you can do – once a month, do an activity with your child, a one-on-one date which signals how important and valued they are in your life.  Take time to think about what you can do in 2021 to build your relationship with your child. 


Here is a shortlist of ideas: 

1. Dad Dates 

2. Take up a hobby you can share together 

3. Make Sunday night dinners a family event and listen to what each child has to say 

4. Make a commitment to attend their school events each term and put the dates in your diary the first week back at school 

5. Help out with homework weekly 

6. Make Wednesday night Dads and Kids in the kitchen night – apron up together! 

7. Let your child know you love them unconditionally on a regular basis 


Happy New Year from Dr Bruce Robinson and all of the team at The Fathering Project 


Mondays with Fathering Project founder Dr Bruce Robinson
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