John Aiken Relationship Tip #2 – Managing Technology

Relationship expert John Aiken is back this week with a new tip for dads on how to manage their technology.

He says, “When your head is on a computer, a mobile phone or engaged on social media, you miss those important little connections with each other.”

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Staying connected with your partner helps to create a supportive and nurturing environment for your kids.

As a relationship expert on The Fathering Channel, John is sharing his strategies and easy tips to help dads improve their relationship with their partners during these difficult times. @johnaikenlive

This week’s podcast program: John Aiken joins the Fathering Channel on “Who’s at the table” Friday night at 7pm. See here for more information.


Relationship Tips with John Aiken
Each week relationship expert John Aiken will share a new tip on how to build the family foundations for dads and mums to support healthy strong family bonds. Tips for dads that are easy to follow and that John says he stands by in his life. John will also be a guest on our webinar series and celebrity podcast night coming soon.

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