Lee Carseldine of Survivor AU fame chats about being a single dad, raising two boys and what it takes to survive!

Survivor Lee Carseldine

Lee Carseldine on our At The Table podcast

Lee Carseldine of Survivor AU fame joined us to talk about being a single dad, raising two boys and what it takes to survive!

In this podcast Lee shared insights into fathering, teamwork, being authentic, and surviving the ups and downs in life. As well as giving a few tips he learnt along the way in the midst of the jungle.

This podcast was recorded on Friday 19 June 2020.


About Lee Carseldine

Lee has featured in two seasons of Australian Survivor, in 2016 and 2020, making it deep into both seasons. He showed his strong mental fortitude and tenacity to get through the tough times, whilst being kind and considerate to his fellow team members.

Prior to television, Lee played 132 cricket matches for the Queensland Bulls in all formats, notching up 2,298 runs from 47 first class games. He also played internationally before joining the Australian Cricketers Association as a Past Player Welfare and Game Development Manager.

After leaving sport, Lee established his own business Droneit Group – an aerial film and photography company. He is a passionate dad of two boys, loves the Aussie beach and carries a positive mantra throughout life.

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