Podcast: Dad’s Guide to Autism: Caring for Exceptional Children

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In this podcast episode, we are delighted to have Prof. Andrew Whitehouse join us for a conversation on the challenges and joys of raising children on the spectrum. Our focus extends to the available support for fathers in tailoring care to the unique needs of their children.

Additionally, we delve into effective ways in which fathers can contribute to the development of their child’s social and communication skills through meaningful play and engagement.

Drawing on his wealth of knowledge, extensive research, and genuine passion for these extraordinary children, Prof. Whitehouse shares invaluable insights and offers practical advice for dads navigating the journey of raising children on the autism spectrum.

About our guest

Andrew Whitehouse is the Angela Wright Bennett Professor of Autism Research and the Director of CliniKids at the Telethon Kids Institute. He is also Professor of Autism Research at The University of Western Australia, Research Strategy Director of the Cooperative Research Centre for Living with Autism. Prior to coming to the Telethon Kids Institute, Andrew was a Junior Research Fellow at the University of Oxford.

At the Telethon Kids Institute, he leads a network of clinical centres (called CliniKids) for children with neurodevelopmental differences that embeds clinical trials within everyday community practice.

Andrew has published over 300 peer-reviewed journal articles and attracted over $60 million in competitive research grants.

He currently presents an internationally syndicated video series called ’60 Second Science”, which has had over 2 million views.He has also been awarded a Eureka Prize for his research, and is the youngest person ever elected to Fellowship of the Australian Academy of Health and Medical Sciences. In 2023, he was a Western Australian of the Year award winner!

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