Podcast with Michael Ray: Why being a positive role model for his daughter is the most important job

We sit down with father, equality advocate for parents and all round top bloke; Michael Ray.

In this podcast we discuss how he works to be the best role model for his daughter and his fathering journey to-date of being a solo dad.

From impacting her self-worth, confidence and self-belief; Michael is stopping at nothing to show his daughter she can be anything, and do anything she sets her mind to and having all the fun together along the way.

About our Guest 

Michael is the sole carer for his daughter, he is a speaker, author and advocate for parental equality.

He is passionate about fatherhood and continues to advocate for equality when it comes to outdated parental roles and unconscious gender bias that still exists today.

Michael’s story is insightful, heartwarming and really starts the conversation about the changes still needed in today’s society.

Check out Michael’s book ‘Who Knew.’


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