Podcast with psychologist and author Dr Vanessa Lapointe on discipline without damage

This week on our Figuring It Out Together podcast we are thrilled to be joined by psychologist, parenting specialist, best selling author and mother, Dr Vanessa Lapointe.

A thoroughly engaging chat which challenges us to think about the way we discipline our children and the importance of creating a safe connection with them.

Through out the podcast, Vanessa poses perspectives that we as adults may not have considered. She challenges us to re-consider how we react to our children when they misbehave and prompts us to remember not to project what’s going on in our world, onto them, through discipline.

She also affirms it’s not our job to make children constantly happy but to allow them to move through the human emotions of experiencing the futilities of life; allowing them to grow up to be resilient.

Vanessa speaks with warmth, compassion and a deep understanding and love for children. An incredibly engaging and insightful listen that will change the way you look at discipline.

Learn more about Vanessa or review her two books Discipline Without Damage and Parenting Right From The Start.


Have you enjoyed this podcast? Explore expert advice tailored to fathers, and gain a fresh perspective on instilling discipline while nurturing a strong and loving relationship with your kids. Discover more behaviour and disciple advice for fathers on our blog.

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