Real Dad Stories Episode 2: Meet Kane Blackman

In our second episode of Real Dad Stories, Geoff Hutchison sits down with husband and father of two sons, Kane Blackman.

Kane’s eldest son, Finn has a rare disease known as Angelman Syndrome. Listen as Kane shares his inspiring story of raising a son with a rare disease, and the journey he and his family have been on post-diagnosis.

Through the challenges and trauma, Kane and his family have come out the other side. By leaning into the challenges and reevaluating what’s important, Kane continues to strive for better outcomes for Finn and the 4.4 million Australian’s living with a disability.

This is Kane’s journey through fatherhood.


Real Dad Stories
A real look into the day-to-day life of being a father, ‘Real Dad Stories’ seeks to bring men together from all walks of life, coming together to highlight what it means to be a father, a father-figure and a man. A place to come and hear real stories and find solace in knowing we’re all experiencing father-hood in our own unique ways and yet we all have so much in common.
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