New Dads: eight-part video series

Topless Man Carrying a Baby

Welcome to the Birthing Dads and The Fathering Project eight-part video series. In this video series new and expecting dads will learn what to prepare for pre and post-birth from experts and healthcare professionals. 

Part 2: You Matter!

Learn the critical role you play pre and post-birth and your impact in these very early years. 

Part 3: Understanding hormones. 

This video discusses the role of hormones and how they change pre and post-birth for both men and women.

Part 4: Facing fears by building confidence

Experts share their insights on how new and expecting dads can face their fears and build confidence during pregnancy.

Part 5: Bringing baby home

In this video, experts share their advice on what to do when bringing baby home for the very first time and how to prepare.

Part 6: Breastfeeding support

This video talks about your role in supporting your partner in her breastfeeding journey. 

Part 7: The importance of self care

Becoming a dad is a big change, not only to your lifestyle but also the relationship with your partner. It’s important you practise self care and look after your mental health.


Part 8: A new dad shares his experience

In the final part of the series, a new dad shares his experience through pregnancy and post-birth and provides his experience caring for his newborn.

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