The financial cost of not addressing work life balance

The Australian job market continues to become ever tougher for employers, with the unemployment rate falling to 3.4% in October 2022, equal to the record low.

When coupled with current high employee turnover rates, it’s clear that having an effective Employee Value Proposition (EVP), that takes into consideration a customised approach to work-life balance, is a vital part of workforce management and key to reducing significant employee turnover costs for your organisation.

The Fathering Project’s Working Families Program actively partners with organisations to enhance their EVP’s by providing research-based Education, Community Support and Digital Resources that promote talent retention, work-life balance, staff engagement, culture & policy alignment, gender equality and job satisfaction.

There is a financial cost attributed to failing to address  work life balance in your organisation. Download the cost of inaction paper to uncover the implications. 

Want to get involved with The Working Families Program? Learn more. 

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