Towards a more expansive model of masculinity: What’s in it for men?

Webinar on Thursday 19 Nov 2020

Recently, there’s been an explosion of writing regarding the benefits of ‘healthy masculinity’ – better health, improved relationships and greater life satisfaction. But it hasn’t hit the mainstream or had deep cultural impact – yet.

Despite a generation of men wanting to live more flexible, fuller lives, our social attitudes, workplaces and public policy still largely reflect men in outdated modes: the male breadwinner, the stoic man, the footy fan, the tough man.

In honour of International Men’s Day 2020, join us for an exploration of masculinity – from the source of traditional norms and expectations, to encouraging new initiatives in schools, companies and communities that are helping to shift the narrative and redefine what it means to be a man.

This webinar was recorded on Thursday 19 November

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Webinar agenda

  • Thursday 19 Nov 2020
  • 12:05pm – Welcome and Opening Remarks
  • 12:10pm – Keynote Address – The source and limitations of traditional masculinity by David Leser, author of Women, Men and the Whole Damn Thing
  • 12:25pm – Panel Discussion
  • 12:45pm – Q&A
  • 12:55pm – Closing Remarks

Panel discussion

The benefits of a more expansive model of masculinity – a lifecycle perspective:

  • Fostering healthy masculinity in boys – Tom Harkin, founder of Tomorrow Man
  • The evolving nature of fatherhood – Rob Sturrock, author of Man Raises Boy
  • Challenging the traditional ‘male breadwinner’ paradigm and what companies are doing to support modern day dads – Paul Collings, consultant at Inclusivity Quotient
  • Wayne Bradshaw – The Fathering Project

Left to right: David Leser, Tom Harkin, Paul Collings, Rob Sturrock and Wayne Bradshaw

Who should attend

Public, private and third sector leaders and employees, academics, educators, policymakers, service providers, advocates, The Fathering Project community.

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