Dad-proof tip: Little actions go a long way

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There are many things that fathers can do in the midst of a busy life to make a difference in the lives of their children. It doesn’t take a huge amount of time, and the busier you are the more kids appreciate the time you spend with them. It makes them feel really special and […]

Podcast: Body boundaries and protective behaviours with Kayelene Kerr

Every parent’s first and foremost role is to protect their child in every way possible. One way to do so is through conversations about protective behaviours and body boundaries. Giving children the tools and understanding of what it means and empowering and equipping them now, and for the future. We are thrilled to be joined […]

Dad-proof tip: Be involved in your child’s learning journey

This month we start a new theme which focuses on your role as a dad, and why you’re so important to your children. As you may know, this week is education week. So, it’s only fitting we highlight the influential role you have in your child’s learning journey. Right from birth, through to adulthood, you […]

Dad-proof tip: Staying connected as your child becomes a teenager

Staying connected as your child becomes a teenager is critical. It can feel difficult as they start to become more autonomous, but at the end of the day, they will always need their dad or father figure! Work hard at creating a safe and solid foundation for your relationship. While it is normal for teenagers […]

Seven ways to talk about risk taking with your teen

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Seven ways to talk about risk taking with your teen. The benefits of healthy risk taking, and how to navigate unhealthy risks that may arise. Fathers play a huge role in helping their children to confront challenges and test themselves in positive ways. You can help your teen avoid unhealthy risks by encouraging and supporting […]

Dad-proof tip: Staying connected to your child after separation

If you have decided to part ways with your ex partner, know that although the decision is tough, it’s in the best interests for all involved. Ensuring your children know that they are in no way responsible, and that their dad will continue to be there for them and love them no matter what, is […]

Dad-proof tip: staying connected as a FIFO dad

It’s not easy doing FIFO work and being away from the kids and family for long stints, and we know it can sometimes make you feel like you’re not able to connect and spend time with your kids the way you want. But just because you can’t be with them all the time, doesn’t mean […]

Dad-proof tip: Maintaining an emotional connection with your child

Fathers and father figure’s emotional connection with their child will change overtime, depending on the life stage. The goal is to work on creating an emotional connection from the start, and building on it as they grow. The way you work on your emotional connection with your toddler, will differ to your teenager, or even […]

Podcast with Madonna King: How fathers can best support their teen daughter

This podcast with Madonna King discusses raising teen girls and highlights the important role fathers play in their teen daughter’s life. Madonna provides tips on how dads can best support them through their journey to becoming young women. Madonna also speaks of the current climate parents are facing with teen girls having to grow up […]

Winter school holiday activity ideas

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The school holidays are near and you may be mentally preparing yourself for the “I’m boooored” spiel. Don’t fear, we have compiled a list of activity ideas to get you started. These are cheap and simple ideas to facilitate learning, father/child bonding and to keep the kids occupied. Given the fact it’s winter means you […]