Supporting your child’s early speech and language development

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Language, speech and communication are critical areas of development for children.

In this week’s episode of Figuring it Out Together, we speak with speech pathologist, Annie Hamilton where we discuss the importance of early intervention to support children who may be experiencing challenges with their language development and social communication.

Annie gives an in-depth overview of the role of speech pathologists in assisting children who may be experiencing challenges. She provides us with tips and strategies to support children in the early years and beyond.

We uncover some tell-tale signs a child might be experiencing challenges and how best to nurture their growth and development.

About our Guest

Annie runs her own practice, working with families  and children aged 0-3 years. Her clinical experience with young children and their families has spanned across Australia, Singapore and London over the past 9 years. Her passion for early intervention has been shaped by mentors in major tertiary paediatric hospitals, specialised post-graduate coursework from around the world, and the countless young families she has had the privilege to support on their developmental journeys.

Learn more about Annie’s work on her website.

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