Cooking with Cameron: Sweet and sour pork

Growing up with the local chinese restaurant favourite has left great memories of this dish! The reality is this is super easy to knock up and enjoy at home. So have a crack at it! It took me about 10min to prep and 20min to cook, plus rice cooking time. 


750g boneless pork, diced 

¼ cup rice flour 

2tbs garlic powder 

¼ cup of olive oil 

1 red capsicum, cubed 

1 red onion, slices 

1 small carrot. Diced small 

2 large tomatoes diced 

4 cloves of garlic 

2cm ginger, crushed 

Rice, ½ cup per person 


1/3 cup brown sugar 

¼ cup rice wine vinegar 

3 tbs tomato sauce 

2 tbs soy sauce 


  1. Get rice cooking.
  2. Dust chicken pieces with rice flour and garlic powder
  3. Combine all sauce ingredients together with half the ginger.
  4. Cook veges in a fry pan with half the olive oil, till just softening up. Add garlic and ginger. Cook for 60seconds. Remove from pan.
  5. Using the same fry pan, add remaining oil. Once hot add pork to the pan. Cooking till a good brown colour. 90 seconds per side (approx).
  6. Once cooked add sweet and sour sauce to the pan. Stirring till the sauce thickens slightly. Add veges back into the mix and stir till combined and veges warm back up
  7. Serve over rice 

Serve up and enjoy 

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