Cooking with Cameron: Simple coconut and cashew lamb

A quick and easy dinner recipe for the family. Sometimes making your own sauce is just too much effort. Tonight’s recipe is using a pre-made sauce from a brand called “world curries.’ This is the first time I have used this brand and will go back again! The spice ‘temp level’ guide was accurate. The flavour is amazing and the smell is a winner. Following the directions on the packaging means no veggies. I added some in the final 5min of cooking to keep them crunchy. 


  •  1 packet World’s curries ‘Sri Lankan coconut and cashew sauce’  
  • 1kg diced lamb 
  • 165gm coconut milk 
  • 1 onion – cubed  
  • 1 yellow Capsicum – cubed  
  • 2 small carrots – sliced  
  • ½ cup rice per person 


 Follow the package instructions 


  • Add diced veggies when you stir through the coconut milk.  


Cooking with Cameron 

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