Dad-life: Raising teenage girls and being a chameleon dad

Raising teenage girls is an experience like no other. But time moves fast. One day you’re playing pretend tea parties and teaching your little girls numbers and colours, and the next, you find yourself catapulted into the lives’ of their 14 and 16 year old selves, and you’re now discussing what Kim Kardashian wore to […]

Dadlife: Getting the week done whilst solo fathering

silhouette of man carrying child

In our new series on The Fathering Channel, we introduce ‘Dadlife’. Dadlife gives us a glimpse into the day to day dad-ventures of dads and their kids. This week we hear from John R. “Tell me why I don’t like Mondays!!” I have two boys aged 14 and 16, and a daughter aged 12. My […]

Podcast with Aussie legend Jimmy Rees

Podcast with Jimmy Rees  Your lunch time is sorted! We’re joined by the legendary Jimmy Rees who is chatting to us about his new picture book Bedtime Sorted!, the challenges of 2020 lockdown, and how he used TikTok videos as a creative outlet, to now becoming one of the most-watched social media personalities in 2021. […]

We asked dads how their fathers have shaped who they are today

man kissing baby

At the Fathering Project we aim to change children’s lives by supporting their dads and father figures to be the best parents they can be. To do this we undertook a project to find out what Dads are saying in 2021. In the coming weeks we will release a series of videos of Australian Dads […]

Real Dad Stories Episode 3 – Meet Mark Goodacre

In our third episode of Real Dad Stories, Geoff Hutchison sits down with husband and father of two sons, Mark Goodacre. Making the move abroad is a big decision, one that Mark and his family didn’t make lightly. From making the move, settling in, working away from the family for weeks at a time and then the […]

Real Dad Stories Episode 2: Meet Kane Blackman

In our second episode of Real Dad Stories, Geoff Hutchison sits down with husband and father of two sons, Kane Blackman. Kane’s eldest son, Finn has a rare disease known as Angelman Syndrome. Listen as Kane shares his inspiring story of raising a son with a rare disease, and the journey he and his family have been […]

Real Dad Stories Episode 1: Dave Mundy’s poignant story of his fatherhood journey

In our first episode of Real Dad Stories Dr Bruce Robinson sits down with husband and father of three, Dave Mundy. Dave’s a loving and dedicated father who’s been involved as a Dads’ group leader with The Fathering Project at his children’s school. In this episode, Bruce chats with Dave about being a dad, his involvement […]

The Fathering Project introduces ‘Real Dad Stories’

Coming Soon to The Fathering Channel: Real Dad Stories Real Dad Stories is a series where we sit down one-on-one with different groups of fathers and father-figures to chat about their journey through fatherhood. Each with a different story and experience to tell, on a monthly basis we’ll delve into the joys and challenges of […]